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Driving The Best Student Experience


Driving The Best Student Experience

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World Class Learning At A World Renowned Institution

World Class Learning At A World Renowned Institution

Shaping and improving teaching and learning

We will work with the University and Programme Presidents to develop and support a student representation system that works for you.

We believe the student voice should be heard, understood and taken into account when we're working to improve your academic programmes whilst  supporting students and staff to succeed ensuring Loughborough is a top rated University because our teaching and learning are outstanding.

Our Research shows...

Loughborough boasts many great teachers alongside great programmes, but our research says, some still disappoint significant numbers of students in one or more important respects.

We want to change this because we know the more highly-rated Loughborough becomes, the more valuable your degree.

Developing co-curricular

We  understand the importance of learning outside of a lecture theatre and we know that LSU student activities makes you world-class.

We will always encourage, advocate and partner the development of innovative co-curricular elements as an increasingly important part of your Loughborough Learning Experience, supporting this approach directly through LSU, Loughborough University and College departments.

we KNOW....

The best programmes of study are enriched by co-curricular activities that go beyond the lecture hall and the lab. With this in mind, LSU has always offered a wide range of co-curricular activities and social enterprises.

Looking to the future, we want to build strong explicit partnership with students and academics to make what we do, even better.

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Life Shaping Experiences

Life Shaping Experiences

Pathways For Personal Development

We want to strengthen the quality of our development pathways, within our student activities sections, to extend these challenges to more students. 

We want to take our development opportunities to a world-leading level - by improving our training and development systems combined with LSU’s focus on student leadership, we know we can do it. We understand that every Loughborough journey is personal and we want to help you find your own path.

We Believe....

LSU offers an outstanding range of student activities through our sections (Rag, Sport, Action, Societies, Media, Welfare & Diversity and Enterprise). We want to ensure all of our activities offer you friendship and fun while creating important opportunities for personal development and challenge.

We want to look beyond academic or career development; and focus on how we can help you develop as a person.

Launching Your Future

We understand that you want to be given more opportunities to develop your future skills. With that in mind, we want to give you more chances to develop your skills and help you record to boost your CV. 

We will do this in partnership with Loughborough University and College, while being alongside Enterprise and Careers Services with a strong focus to develop online systems that make recording and documenting your achievements as simple and as easy as it needs to be.

We KNOW....

Many of our opportunities, whether offered through sport, societies or any of our other sections are crucial at providing you the fun and friendship that is a staple in your Loughborough Experience.  We know that sometimes not everyone makes the most out of their outstanding experiences.

We want to you bring more focus to launching your future - if that's what is important to you.

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Great Friends, Happy Life

Great Friends, Happy Life

Somewhere For Everyone To Belong

We want to make sure that everyone can find a place where they feel comfortable at Loughborough.

We want to build our understanding of those important groups who are less engaged with us at LSU and we want to do this by continuing to develop our ground breaking “Tribes” research in line with improved, targeted communications to ensure there is always something for everyone.

We understand...

Everyone needs friends and wants to be apart of a community.  At its best, Loughborough is a series of micro–communities and friendship groups. Unfortunately, we've found some of you feel alienated by the Loughborough stereotype and don’t  your place.

We're committed to helping you find one of the many sub-cultures that thrives as part of our community and bring positivity to your experience.

Support When You Need It

We know that sometimes things get tough. That's why we want to make sure that you get the right support; should you ever need it.

We will do this by providing some direct services and create partners for others to make sure that the right networks exist to serve your needs. We will also ensure these services are the best they can be, though regular communication and quality monitoring.

We Know...

Most of the time, Loughborough students are happy and successful, but almost everyone has tough times where some help and support wouldn't go a miss. We'll be here to help offer advice and support, a friendly face, or a support network who have been there and can share their experiences.

We're committed to offering you a range of supportive and professional services alongside so your not alone.


Making It Clear and Simple

We want to make your life as simple and straightforward as possible.
Starting with LSU and extending to Loughborough University, College and local authorities - We want to make sure that all the information and procedures are as streamlined and student-friendly as possible.  If something isn't right we'll make it easy for you to let us know your having problems and we'll work to fix it.

Our Research shows...

Our research suggested that some of you found Loughborough life more complicated than it ought to be.  They needed the right information at the right time and wanted access to services to be as straightforward as possible. This applies to LSU, University, College and local authorities.

We'll ensure that you can get your hands on the information you need, as soon as you need it, in the easiest way possible for you.